How does mist cooling work?

High pressure misting systems work so effectively because of the misting system pump. The pump pushes the water through stainless steel mistlines and brass mist nozzles producing microscopic droplets of water. The fine mist of water droplets hits the hot air and flash evaporates to cool the surrounding air up to 20 - 30 degrees.

What are the components of a high pressure misting system?

The high pressure misting system is the most effective and efficient type of misting product. The components are:

  • High Pressure Pump: We carry the complete Cloudburst line of 1000 psi pumps. 1/4 gallon per minute up to 2.2 gallon per minute pumps with an advanced 3-stage filtration system that dramatically reduces mist nozzle clogging. The 1000 psi pumps produce a mist so fine that it evaporates on contact with the air, cooling the air dramatically.
  • Stainless Steel Mistline: Stainless steel high pressure mistline is guaranteed for life. It comes with mist nozzle stems pre-welded. This mistline is used for all overhead misting applications. The stainless steel mistline is also used to create the fan mist rings. Our commercial grade mistline is available with various mist nozzle spacing depending on your climate and usage. We also offer 1/4" pushlock stainless steel which provides the durability and looks of a commercial mist system without the need for special tools to install it. The stainless steel mistline is guaranteed for the life of the system.
  • Push Lock Connectors: Push lock connectors are made to connect flexible nylon tubing or to connect 1/4" stainless steel tubing. The connectors attach to the pipe or tube by merely pushing them on with your hand. No special tools are needed. These connectors are used to hold mist nozzles as well as to Tee branch lines off, cap lines, elbows, etc.
  • Brass Mist Nozzles: Misting nozzles come in several different sizes. The bigger the opening, the more water gets emitted. In humid climates you need less mist and in drier climates you need more mist. Our trained professionals can determine the proper size for your project.

Will I get wet with Elegant Mist's outdoor mist cooling system?

It is a misconception that misting is meant to get you wet in order to cool you off. You won't get wet if the air is above 82 degrees and you're at least 3' from the mist nozzles. Our high pressure pump systems produce such a fine fog that it evaporates and cools the surrounding air before it can get you wet. In dry hot regions mist cooling systems can lower the temperature up to 30 degrees.

Will the surrounding surfaces get wet?

As a general rule your surfaces should not get wet. In some instances if the temperature drops or there's an object less than 3' from the mist nozzles, there may be accumulated moisture on the surrounding surface.

Is there a lot of maintenance on a misting system?

No, maintaining your misting system is very easy and inexpensive. Simply change the filter about once a season or more depending on your level of activity and water composition. The filters cost between $15-35. To winterize the system, simply unscrew all the mist nozzles and place them in a jar. Before reinstalling, let the nozzles sit in some white vinegar or CLR solution overnight. Install while they're still wet. Of course, if you'd rather not bother, we can do this for you.

How much water does a standard misting system use? What is the environmental impact?

One mist nozzle uses about 1 gallon of water per hour. A 15 nozzle system will use approximately 15 gallons of water an hour. So running the system for the peak 3-4 hours of the day will use a quantity of water equivalent to a load of laundry.

Studies have shown that using a patio mist system saves on air conditioning which uses considerably more electricity and produces a tremendous amount of residual heat. Also, pre-cooling your a/c compressors with mist is a great way to improve the efficiency of your hvac system.

What is the warranty on your products?

All stainless steel mist lines shall be warranted for the lifetime of the system. All vinyl tubing, compression and push-loc fittings shall be warranted for a period of five (5) years. All pumps shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year. Maintenance items such as nozzles and filters are not covered by this warranty. Liability for, and the exclusive remedy for, defective materials or workmanship, is limited to the replacement or repair of defective products. This warranty applies only to systems provided and installed by Elegant Mist, LLC and is not transferable. Any parts found to be defective will be replaced at no charge by Elegant Mist, LLC. This warranty specifically excludes the following: failure of parts due to damage by accident, earthquake, fire, freezing, chemicals, or unusual characteristics of water supply, such as mineral and calcium buildup.

What is Heat Stress?

High temperatures, direct sun, limited air circulation, physical exertion, physical illnesses and some medications can lead to heat stress. The human body becomes stressed if it is unable to cool itself and prolonged exposure drains the body of vital fluids. Read more about heat induced illnesses & prevention on the Occupational Safety & Health Association's (OSHA's) website. OSHA recommends misting as one way to combat these heat induced illnesses. Watch closely for symptoms of heat exhaustion & heat stroke if you or your employees are exposed to prolonged high temperatures.