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Misting Fans Rentals

Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Elegant Mist provides full service mist cooling rentals for upscale outdoor event cooling in Los Angeles & Southern California. Our outdoor misting fans effectively cool surrounding hot air up to 30 degrees without getting your guests wet, ensuring your guests remember the event, not the heat.


An Unique Solution To Extreme Heat

Elegant Mist has created a sleek mist cooling system which offers limitless possibilities for cooling your outdoor events. Our misting fans and stands are portable, adjustable and available in your choice of black or white to compliment your event. The misting pump can be hidden well out of sight. The 18" misting fans can be mounted on:

  • The black or white adjustable stands (2 fans each).
  • An event tent.
  • A wall or vertical surface.


Calculate How Many Misting Fans to Rent

Mist Cooling Open Areas

Each event & venue is unique, therefore we customize each outdoor misting system to create optimum outdoor cooling.

To estimate how many misting fans you'll need to mist cool a large area we suggest one 18" Misting Fan for every 125-150 square feet. When planning your event layout keep in mind the breeze from a mist fan can be felt from 15-25 feet away.

Event Tent Cooling

Typically we figure one fan per 20-25 lineal feet around the perimeter of a tent. If your tent is 20' wide we recommend installing fans on one side of the tent. If you have a larger tent consider setting up a cool zone in one or more of the corners.

Contact us today for more information about outdoor event cooling.


Components of a Mist Fan Rental System

1000 PSI High Pressure Pump

Our high pressure pump is about 12" wide x 18" long x 12" high. It needs to be located near a power source and water source. The pump is not silent and should be located 25-50' from the area to be mist cooled. Our most common 1/2 gallon per minute pump requires a 10 amp circuit.

18" All Weather Misting Fans

Our fans are specifically designed to be used outdoors; they're fully sealed, compact, attractive and safe to use. All misting fans come with a 3-speed motor, giving you great flexibility and cooling options. The misting fans are designed to easily attach to a tent pole or a tripod stand. Each fan draws 2.1 amps on high speed.

Adjustable Tripods

Our multi adjustable tripods allow you to hang fans anywhere from 4' to 12' high. Our tripods are available in black or white and they allow almost infinite positioning of the fans. One (1) tripod supports two (2) of our 18" misting fans.



"I am very pleased with my experience. The setup of the misting fans for our high profile client was very fast. The misting fans and the stands were high quality and once the setup was completed it was more than what was promised. Also having you present during the setup to make sure everything was running smooth took a little worry off my busy schedule."
-Hiren Mody, Hollywood Party Rentals


Business to Business

If you're a caterer, event planner, party planner or rental company, Email us to find out about special offers or give us a call at (310)857-6644 today.


Keep in mind

  • Reserve in Advance! 
    The only way to guarantee that we'll have a mist system available for rent on the day you need it is by reserving it in advance.
  • Water & Power
    You'll need to know how much available power you'll have for us. That will be used in determining how many fans we can accomodate. And if you don't have water or power, we can provide temporary power and water Contact Us to find out more.
  • No water. No power. No Problem. 
    We can provide temporary power and water if you're event is lacking. Contact Us to find out more.


More questions?

Visit the FAQ section of the website to learn more about outdoor mist cooling.